Byamba is a unique performer, who combines World Champion athletic prowess, with numerous special talents, and a tremendous charismatic presence. In a seven-year span, Byamba's work includes:

Producers and directors have universally raved about Byamba's innate acting talent, his enthusiasm, and dynamic energy.

Some highlights include:

Byamba appears worldwide, with numerous international performances each year. Truly, he is the most experienced and well-traveled sumo performer on the planet!

Beyond just sports talent, Byamba demonstrates great emotional range of expression, spontaneity, and depth. He also has numerous skills, including:

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Byambajav Ulambayar

1984, Mongolian-born
6'1", 360 lbs
4-time World Sumo Champion
5 years Pro Sumo Experience

Mongolian-born Byambajav Ulambayar competed in sports since he was a child. By age 15, “Byamba” had captured national junior champion titles in judo, sambo, and Mongolian wrestling (the national sport).

At that time, the retired Japanese Grand Champion, Onokuni, visited Mongolia, and held tryouts across the country, scouting for a protege. After testing dozens of young men, he invited only one – Byamba – to join his professional sumo team in Japan... More