THE BACHELORETTE on ABC! (Monday, June 1 @ 8 pm)

Byamba will appear Monday on the hit ABC show, The Bachelorette! Check it out.

Byamba Stars in Global Mega-Group One Direction's Music Video (10.24.14)

He and his giant friend Yama appear throughout One Direction's new music video "Steal My Girl"! Video

Skin Wars (9.10.14)

Byamba was a model on the Game Show Network's "Skin Wars" -- His artist made a pretty unique creation!

Byamba got his 4th world champion title! (10.18.13)

Byambajav Ulambayar won his 4th World Sumo Champion title at the World Combat Games in St. Petersburg, Russia, on October 18! In this elite competition, he was dominant, going undefeated, and upstaging the other medallists, who were all huge Russians, with local crowd support.

Now Byamba's TOPPS Trading Card is available! (8.25.13)

Byamba is featured in a special collector's line of TOPPS trading cards as the representative for sumo!

Impractical Jokers (4.16.15)

Check out Byamba, featured on the hit show Impractical Jokers -- TruTV Watch

ESPN SportsNation (9.22.14)

Byamba won the US Sumo Open for the 8th year in a row, and ESPN SportsNation had him live in studio, two days later, to celebrate his victory, and let him show some moves! Video

Vice Food and Byamba's Chanko-Nabe Diet (7.22.14)

Vice followed the World Champion's training, cooking, and eating, to show what it takes to be King. Video

Byamba's 3-day Sumo Seminar (5. 15-17, 2014)

His world class training brought in 20 eager sumo wrestlers from all over the country, and from Canada, to learn from the best! More

ESPN -- Top 10 of the month - Sumo Slam (10.6.13)

The Epic "Sumo Slam", Byamba vs. Kelly, from the 2013 US Sumo Open, was heard around the world, with tens of millions of views on international TV shows and online. ESPN chose this match as one of "Top 10 of the Month" for September, 2013!

Grantland Channel covers Byamba's Sumo+Sushi Show (8.13.13)

The famous Grantland Channel (ESPN affiliated) features Byamba dominating on the national Sumo+Sushi tour. Byamba performed nearly 100 live shows in about 15 cities, against a variety of other elite sumo wrestlers, with an overall winning percentage of close to 90%! Video

Baroque Opera Meets Sumo Wrestling - Wall Street Jounal
(March, 2015)

The opera “Semele” opens at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the stage will hold some extra weight: two sumo wrestlers, totaling 700 pounds, and a 17-ton, 450-year-old temple. More

US SUMO OPEN - National TV Broadcast at Universal Sports Network (2014)

Check out Byamba's dynamic sumo matches! More

TV Guest Appearances (2014)

Byamba appeared on several TV shows in 2014, including "Esta en Guerra" (Spanish TV), "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" (CW), special coverage on the US Sumo Open broadcasts (Universal Sports), and more!

Byamba appears live on the Playboy Morning Show (9.12.13)

Byamba entertained guests, and taught sumo to the young ladies, as he answered questions just days before his dominant US Sumo Open victories.

Byambajav Ulambayar story on Southern California Public Radio (5. 28.12)

The 3-time World Sumo Champion shares why he moved to Los Angeles, and how he lives here today, while still practicing sumo. Byamba talks about his background in Mongolia and Japan, and his future dreams for his life in Los Angeles. More

Byambajav Ulambayar

1984, Mongolian-born
6'1", 360 lbs
4-time World Sumo Champion
5 years Pro Sumo Experience

Mongolian-born Byambajav Ulambayar competed in sports since he was a child. By age 15, “Byamba” had captured national junior champion titles in judo, sambo, and Mongolian wrestling (the national sport).

At that time, the retired Japanese Grand Champion, Onokuni, visited Mongolia, and held tryouts across the country, scouting for a protege. After testing dozens of young men, he invited only one – Byamba – to join his professional sumo team in Japan.

Byamba entered professional sumo with no knowledge of the sport, the Japanese language, the food, or the culture. Life was not easy, but young "Daishochi" (Byamba's pro sumo fighting name) adapted quickly, and at age 16, he won a divisional championship in professional sumo. By age 18, Byamba was the highest-ranked sumo wrestler on his entire team, i.e. the equivalent of MVP on his team, while still only a teenager!...

At 20 years old, Byamba decided to leave professional sumo. If he had continued another couple years, many predicted he would have achieved Champion or Grand Champion status. However, injuries and other factors influenced his decision to leave Japan, for a broader opportunity to travel and compete worldwide... More