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As Four-time World Sumo Champion, Is Byamba a "YOKOZUNA"?

Since Byamba left professional Japanese sumo, he is no longer classified by that ranking system. Many pro sumo fans believe that Byamba would have achieved the rank of "ozeki" (champion) or "yokozuna" (grand champion), had he stayed longer in pro sumo. However, Byamba's international successes are "World Champion" titles.

How would Byamba do against pro sumo wrestlers right now?

Byamba feels his conditioning and skill level now are as good as when he used to train regularly in Japan with guys like Hakuho and Harumafuji, the two current "yokozuna" (Grand Champions). Byamba moved up the sumo ranks concurrently with these men, and he regularly practiced with (and often defeated) them, as well.

Can Byamba do sumo in the Olympics?

Sumo is not currently an Olympic sport. However, it is an official sport in the World Games, which is run by the International Olympic Committee, and held every four years, just like the Olympic Games. In the 2009 World Games, Byamba won the gold medal, and he also won the gold medal at the 2013 World Combat Games.

How can such a huge guy have a low body fat percentage?

It's called muscle – years of training to build up layers and layers of muscle. Byamba has a big belly, but it's solid as a rock – no rolls of fat. In fact, at 350 lbs in pro sumo, his body fat percentage was measured at 11%!

Can Byamba appear at my event?

Byamba has appeared in several hundred sumo-related events, worldwide, and he can potentially appear for you, too, schedule permitting. Please contact us, for further details.

Is there anyone in the US who can beat Byamba?

Byamba has had hundreds of matches in international tournaments, and no one from the United States has ever beaten him. Out of these hundreds of matches, a few competitors (from Japan, Russia, and Bulgaria) have defeated Byamba, but even this is a very rare occurrence.

What is Byamba's future in the United States?

For the near future, at least, Byamba would like to continue competing in sumo, while simultaneously developing his acting career in Los Angeles. He represents a new archetype in Hollywood. Just like Bruce Lee broke into the American mainstream with a unique and exotic brand of king fu, Byamba presents a new and exciting martial arts style, with a charismatic flair.

Byambajav Ulambayar

1984, Mongolian-born
6'1", 360 lbs
4-time World Sumo Champion
5 years Pro Sumo Experience

Mongolian-born Byambajav Ulambayar competed in sports since he was a child. By age 15, “Byamba” had captured national junior champion titles in judo, sambo, and Mongolian wrestling (the national sport).

At that time, the retired Japanese Grand Champion, Onokuni, visited Mongolia, and held tryouts across the country, scouting for a protege. After testing dozens of young men, he invited only one – Byamba – to join his professional sumo team in Japan... More