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Byambajav Ulambayar

1984, Mongolian-born
6'1", 360 lbs
4-time World Sumo Champion
5 years Pro Sumo Experience

Mongolian-born Byambajav Ulambayar competed in sports since he was a child. By age 15, “Byamba” had captured national junior champion titles in judo, sambo, and Mongolian wrestling (the national sport).

At that time, the retired Japanese Grand Champion, Onokuni, visited Mongolia, and held tryouts across the country, scouting for a protege. After testing dozens of young men, he invited only one – Byamba – to join his professional sumo team in Japan.

Byamba entered professional sumo with no knowledge of the sport, the Japanese language, the food, or the culture. Life was not easy, but young "Daishochi" (Byamba's pro sumo fighting name) adapted quickly, and at age 16, he won a divisional championship in professional sumo. By age 18, Byamba was the highest-ranked sumo wrestler on his entire team, i.e. the equivalent of MVP on his team, while still only a teenager!

At 20 years old, Byamba decided to leave professional sumo. If he had continued another couple years, many predicted he would have achieved Champion or Grand Champion status. However, injuries and other factors influenced his decision to leave Japan, for a broader opportunity to travel and compete worldwide... More